Enhancing Patient Engagement with Contact Center

Learn how a cloud contact center solution can help you streamline care team communications, improve patient outreach and engagement, reduce wait time and appointment no-shows while maintaining HIPAA compliance and minimizing pressure on support staff.

Shape Your Creativity

The Lenovo Yoga 9i with comfort edge design for a more ergonomic grip with four modes is crafted to be held and marveled. While creating to your heart’s desire, or just being content on the sofa surfing the display, the sound and versatility of this device will entertain and astound you.

The Importance of Becoming a Disruptor in 2023

A business disruptor is a company or individual that changes the traditional way an industry operates, especially in a new and effective way. Disruption is no longer an option; it’s a business necessity in today’s landscape. Pushing boundaries, challenging the status quo, and driving innovation will help position you to thrive in the new age.

Empowering IT Management

The Lenovo ThinkSystem SR590 is an affordable, virtualization-ready 2U2P rack server engineered to balance compute and storage. It’s the ideal server for server for medium to large enterprises and can power a wide range of data center applications from basic web farms, e-mail and Big Data servers to highly available virtualization platforms.

Protect Your Business Against Hackers Using AI Tools

Like everyone else, hackers are excited about how generative AI tools can help them with their day job, from creating more convincing phishing scams to replicating a voice. Learn how to stop them.