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Managed Workplace

Managed Workplace

The complexity of IT and the perception of increased risk can be a barrier to adopting new systems and networks for many small and midsized businesses. However, the application of new and improved IT solutions can create real opportunities to increase efficiency and competitive advantage.

To gain the advantages of IT without the risk and complexity, contract managed services from Pathway will help ensure that IT remains an asset to your business and help optimize your returns from your technology investments. For example, the managed services platform we use provides the ability to easily monitor, track and manage the lifecycle of each IT asset from purchase through retirement, making sure you get the most out of vendor warranties, and maximizing its performance and value along the way.

Pathway performs system-wide trend analysis and identify specific ways to optimize configurations, streamline processes and reduce operational risks with your IT. The result is that you get to take advantage of new technical solutions without having to worry about how to manage or maintain it, and you can be confident that the value of your IT investment is being protected.

The Remote Monitoring and Management feature allows Pathway to offer real-time support as well as gives insight as to what is contributing to the issue in the case of a downtime. We can also access and report on your environment to be sure that all issues are stopped before they begin. In the case of hands-on support Pathway can support remote access to the device.

Our remote monitoring and management platform consist of:

Onsite Manager

A single, lightweight piece of software installed once at each site. Onsite Manager performs secure, comprehensive scans of your environment to gather the up-to-date information that Pathway needs to manage your IT assets with unparalleled efficiency.

With Onsite Manager, we can monitor and manage anything with an IP address, including desktops, laptops, servers, managed switches, routers, firewalls, gateways, VoIP switches, phones, printers, faxes or scanners, off-the-shelf and custom applications, specialized equipment and environmental control devices, internal and external websites, SaaS resources, virtual machines and much more.

Device Manager

Installed on equipment that can’t be directly monitored by the Onsite Manager, such as roaming laptops, remote servers, home offices, or on an onsite Windows PC if you don’t have a server.

Endpoint Protection

Cyber-criminals have been proved to target small and medium sized business due to an often-lack of security. Small and Medium Size businesses are also significantly more at risk for catastrophic service interruption due to the reliance on Information Technology to complete transactions. Our platform keeps safety at the forefront of benefits with adequate protection such as antivirus, file, web, email, and behavior shields, firewall, anti-spam measures, and automated safety services. Anti-viruses and scanning services allow detection of issues automatically.


CloudCare features important cloud-backed security measures including:

AntiSpam – Email Security designed to keep viruses, phishing attacks, and spam from reaching the end-user
AntiVirus – Protects your users’ devices from losing or relinquishing access to critical data from the business or your customers
Cloud Backup – Secures, automatically backs up, and recovers data on demand
Content Filtering – Keeps your workforce productive by blocking distracting sites from your network
Email Archive – Backup emails in the cloud with a simple and secure archiving solution
Encrypted Email – Protect your customers information with secure email transfer
ShadowProtect – backup and recovery servers and keep your business continuity interruptions mitigated.

Network Operations Center

Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk

Pathway Communications Managed Workplace Network Operations Center (NOC) and Help Desk helps you deliver reliable, 24/7 managed services and technical support to your customers, driving increased customer satisfaction and retention, growing your business and expanding your capacity without increasing your staff or infrastructure investments.

Pathway Communications Managed Workplace RMM, NOC and Help Desk form a comprehensive, integrated solution to manage the entire client IT experience and respond quickly to your needs. Defined monitoring rules for NOC-managed assets, detailed workflow procedures and automation wherever possible ensures reliability and operational best practices as well as maximum performance and cost advantages.

How does this benefit you?

Increase Profitability

Focus your in-house resources on higher-margin initiatives by transferring your low-margin and high frequency IT management activities to Pathway Communications Managed Workplace NOC and Help Desk.

Scale your Business Rapidly and Affordably

Increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty by reducing downtime and increasing productivity through the delivery of reliable 24×7 technical support services for all end- users—and rapidly add new customer sites— all without having to recruit and train staff or invest in new infrastructure.

Increase Brand Exposure

Transparently extend your brand and services, reinforcing your presence as the trusted IT support provider for your customers, using fully customized end-user communications, including emails, toll-free phone, and online chat technical support.

Synchronize Your Resources

Experience the efficiency of 100% visibility and ticket round-tripping where Pathway Communications Managed Workplace operates as a seamless extension of your technical staff by fully integrating our RMM, NOC and Help Desk ticketing system with your Professional Services Automation (PSA) platform.