Data-centric deployments to downplay any downturn

Tenacious tech: what CEOs need to drive unprecedented growth

CEOs are the captains of today’s most viable enterprises – and technology is their second in command. Discover which tech tools they need to navigate the choppy waters and set a course toward growth.

One-stop-shop for productivity

The ThinkPad T14 is the portable, powerful, infinitely customizable premium laptop choice for users on-the-go. Thanks to enhancements across almost all areas, the ThinkPad T14 offers significantly better performance, quicker connectivity, and a more immersive, interactive audiovisual experience, all while boasting a much better battery life.

Digital Credentials: A better way to capture and communicate learning

For hundreds of years we’ve relied on time as the primary measure of learning. But a transcript tells little about what a learner knows and can do. There is an opportunity for better credential units of learning and to communicate true capabilities.

Built for life’s extremes

The redesigned look and feel of the ThinkPad L13—the bezel has been greatly reduced to yield a much cleaner, smarter display. A choice between Silver and Black provides style, and with a starting weight of just 1.38kg / 3.06lbs, you’ll want to take it everywhere.

Security flaw could allow hackers to trick lab scientists into making viruses

Cybersecurity researchers discovered a computer attack that could allow hackers to remotely trick laboratory scientists into creating toxins and viruses. So what does this mean for the future – and safety – of healthcare?

Small footprint, big performance

The ThinkCentre M75s is equipped with up to AMD Ryzen™ 7 PRO processing, plus seamless AMD Radeon™ Vega graphics and lightning-fast DDR4 memory. That means it can breeze through any task—quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.