Why digital transformation is rapidly accelerating.

4 digital transformation trends that are shaping the future

73% of IT managers are currently accelerating digital transformation initiatives. But how?

Ultra small, ultra powerful

The ThinkCentre M720 Tiny is as powerful as a full-sized desktop. With DDR4 memory and PCIe SSD storage, users can experience fast bootups and open files even faster. The space-saving mount options allow the Tiny to fit anywhere, be it on a bookshelf, behind the monitor, or under the table, for a clutter-free desk.

Improve security by loosening control: 4 steps to protecting the new global workspace

With remote working a permanent feature, now is the time to invest in the systems and methods to make the most of the new way of working.

Designed for today’s multitasking professionals

With a premium, lightweight design and a 22 percent thinner bezel, this device looks good while delivering business-class performance

Smarter Way Forward: Empowering healthcare from anywhere

Your healthcare teams need innovative devices and solutions that support and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Move forward smarter with security options, software solutions, and virtual healthcare offerings from Lenovo.

Take giant strides with a smaller footprint

The ThinkCentre M920 Tiny is designed to perform intensive tasks effortlessly. Realize the potential of the powerful new Intel® 8th Generation Processor and DDR4 memory which enhances responsiveness while handling heavy data.