Shedding some light on your digital shadow to keep hackers in the dark for good.

Tracking Your Digital Footprint to Kick Cyber Attacks

Your digital footprint really leaves a mark. Even if you don’t see it, cyber criminals are hot on its trail. Here’s why securing your electronic footprint tells hackers to take a step back.

Space-Saving Marvel with Jaw-Dropping Power

The Lenovo ThinkCentre M70q Gen 4 Tiny saves on space yet delivers on performance. Boasting full-sized desktop power, this PC also supports dual HDD and SDD storage. And running Windows 11 on a modern Lenovo device can make sure you’re protected by next-generation safety features.

Design Thinking is Creating Tomorrow's Innovators

Design thinking is transforming today’s students into empathic, confident, innovative problem-solvers, preparing them for the complexities and challenges of the future.

Lightweight & Flexible 2-in-1 for Business

The ThinkPad L13 Yoga Gen 4 convertible laptop inspires productivity. It’s thin, light, and quick in all that it does — including an instantaneous boot up and log in, with a power button activated by an optional fingerprint reader. Supercharge your employees’ abilities to work collaboratively and efficiently from almost anywhere with Windows 11 Pro.

How Health Tech is Squashing AI Biases & Leveling the Field

AI holds immense potential in revolutionizing healthcare, but it’s not without its challenges. Discover how biases can affect AI’s efficiency and how health tech is stepping up to address them.